Sunday, 29 March 2015

Skincare Favourites

Hello lovelies,

It's been a while and I'm sorry. There's truly no excuse for such a long absence. I do hope to be blogging more often now that I am situated semi-permanently here in Trinidad. However, I shall not make any promises but instead see how it goes on a day to day basis. Obviously I don't expect to be blogging every single day but I do hope that my posts will become more frequent :)

Lately, I've been feeling SO inspired...

My environment, things that I've been watching like my favorite YouTubers, TV shows, different music, good grades in school amongst other great things have all been motivating factors for me at present. Today I have for you a blog post and YouTube video where I'll be talking about the skincare products that I find myself reaching for most often. I suppose I can call them my FAVS.

I just want to give y'all a brief history of my skin just so you guys have an idea of why I use the products I use. Understanding and monitoring your skin is important as this will determine the products you choose to buy when it comes to skincare. 

So to begin, i've never suffered with any drastic acne issues as a teenager. I mean, I would get the odd pimple here and there but it usually went away quickly. My skin type is combination-oily but i can get dry patches on my cheeks and around my nose from time to time. I would have to say that my most problematic issue with my skin is the persistent black heads that I have but apart from that, my skin is relatively easy to deal with. 

I tend to switch it up a lot but I do find myself always returning to these two products: the Bioderma Solution Micellaire cleansing water and the Neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleanser.

Bioderma Cleansing Water

The Bioderma Cleansing Water is the most non-irritating, gentle cleanser I have ever used and it does not have a strong scent, which is something I tend to prefer. Sometimes cleansers can have a really over powering, potent smell but this one just smells fresh and clean. I put two splashes or so on a cotton pad and that cleans my skin pretty well. If I have on makeup and I feel lazy, this is what I grab but I may use 3 pads or so to take everything off my face. I have never broken out or had a bad reaction using this cleansing water so I love it. Definitely a must!

The Neutrogena Facial cleanser is something I really love for everyday use, both daytime and nighttime. It's gentle but gets all the impurities out. Another thing I really like is that it does not leave the skin feeling tight and dry. A lot of the facial washes that I've used had that effect and this one doesn't so that's definitely a plus. It's made for sensitive skin as it does not contain harsh chemicals parabens, sulfates or anything else that can irritate the skin. It also contains salicylic acid which prevents breakouts and acne and that's a plus in my book for sure. I highly recommended this product for people which sensitive, acne-prone skin :)

Currently, my favourite go-to toner is the Simple Kind to Skin soothing facial toner. It is 100% alcohol free and contains multi-vitamins. A toner that gently tones and nourishes the skin!? Ummm...yes! I used to use toners that were kind of harsh for my skin and left this awful tingly, burning sensation on my skin. This toner does the exact opposite. Containing chamomile and witch hazel, this toner clarifies while soothingly refreshes the skin. A keeper in my book :)

Simple Toner


My daytime moisturizer has been Proactiv's Green Tea Moisturizer (discontinued -_- )for the longest while. This is one product that I don't mind sticking to as my skin has always worked so well with it. It's an oil free formula which is perfectly suitable for daytime and for my combination-oily skin. While I do have combination-oily skin, I tend to get some dry patches on my cheeks and around my nose and this moisturizer combats that as it is meant for dryer skin types.

My nighttime moisturizer is the BiorĂ© Hard Day's Night moisturizer This has been a holy grail product since I was in high school. I re-purchase it again and again and my skin cannot get enough. It's thicker than the Proactiv Moisturizer but that's fine as my skin soaks it up throughout the night so that I do not wake up with greasy skin. It's soft to the touch and simply refreshing on the skin. Highly recommended :)

Eye Gel: I found out about the Mario Badescu's skincare line on one of my favourite beauty bloggers YouTube channel one day and she spoke highly of Mario Badescu's Cermaide Eye Gel which I have found to be amazing. It's a light, silky gel that when placed under the eyes, illuminates and moisturizes the very tender skin we have there. It's suitable for all skin types and can be used both in the morning and the evening. 

Body Oil: The Neutrogena Body Oil is most certainly my favourite way to moisturize my skin. It's lightweight and does not feel greasy as the skin just drinks it up. So perfect for a dewy, healthy glow. Works best on damp skin.

Facial spray: I use my Evian Facial Spray on really hot days when I feel like my skin needs to be refreshed and perked up. It's cooling and moisturizing, PH neutral and suitable for all skin types.


For a more deep cleaning, dirt eliminating mask, I use my Simple Deep Cleaning Face Mask which really leaves my skin feeling refreshed and healthy looking. It works really well on my combination-oily skin and does not leave it feeling dry or tight which is great considering the fact that it is a deep cleaning mask. I use this once a week, maybe twice depending on my skin's situation. It is gentle enough that it can be used more than once a week, but I would suggest no more than two times a week.

If I find my complexion looking kind of dull and I feel like my skin needs a bit of a pick me up, I reach for my Yves Rocher Cooling Effect Mask. This formula is designed to wake up the skin and give it a fresh radiant complexion. It has cranberry pulp extract which promotes healthy looking skin from ingredients such as vitamin E and other natural antioxidants. Definitely a keeper!

I hope this blog post was helpful, educational or interesting to you in some way! I would love to hear about any of your favourite skincare products that you love and recommend as I am always on the hunt for the perfect ones.

Talk to you all again soon,

Big Love,


Here's the video on this blogpost :)