Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mid-week Inspiration :)

I don't know about you guys but I do know that I go on Pinterest A WHOLE LOT and spend a very shameful number of hours scanning through all the pics of things that I dream of having, or making (in the case of food).

I guess I can't really say it's completely shameful because I do find myself feeling really inspired after spending that time on Pinterest. I'd say it's probably one of the best social networking sites I've signed up to.

I was scanning through the Home Décor category the other day and found myself saving the following pics of office and study spaces.

As much as I hate to clean, being able to study in a really organized and tidy space makes the world of difference when it comes to doing my work. 

Now, in no way shape or form does my study area look like this. I mean I wish it did, but it doesn't.
I live in an apartment that already came furnished so I'm working with what I have. Nevertheless, these pics are still really great to look at and even save on my already crowded desktop for future reference.

Also they're there to remind me to continue to work hard so that one day I could afford to make my place look this great! :)

A girl can dream right?

Totally love the idea of this little DIY project with Mason Jars, which are all the rage these days. Drinking green juice out of them, using them as stationary holders, even making them into light fixtures; you just can't seem to go wrong with a classic Mason Jar.
Best of all, you're killing 2 birds with one stone b/c you're recycling (re-using the jars) and you're saving yourself from spending unnecessary money! #WIN

I love love this space! It shows you how you can make a tiny corner in your room personal and cozy; totally conducive to studying, no?
I like the fact that there is a whole lot of desk space but for me personally, that is an invitation for clutter, so I may switch it up a bit and add a little drawer unit underneath or to the side to store my files, notebooks etc.


I realize I'm really drawn to a lot of white furniture when it comes to office/study décor with hints of my fav colors. (Cue that drawer above ^^ with the plain white finish and the serious pop of color when you open it.) 
Keeps it really simple and classy yet fun and inspiring!

Tell me what inspires you when it comes to your study/office space. Can you work in clutter and mess? Do you need to have everything organized in a particular way before you can sit down and hit the books?

Leave a comment below! Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Thanks for reading :)

Big Love, 

Julia xx